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Credential Tracking ~ XenCT

Xeneros’ credential tracking software is a web based license management tool which replaces spreadsheets or other manual tracking methods. It’s the easiest way for your organization to ensure your organization and personnel remain in good standing. From a single website you can monitor, track, and manage licenses, CEUs, bonds appointments, and even in-house requirements.

  • 34 states require adjusters to be licensed. 19 states require firms to be licensed. Every state requirement is different.
  • Requirements are always up to date. Xeneros’ detail-oriented compliance staff continuously monitors states and industry associations for rules changes.
  • The compliance dashboard provides a "status at a glance" overview of current, expiring, and expired requirements.
  • Easily view individual adjusters to see what requirements are expiring or past due.
  • Automated email notifications to managers and adjusters provides timely reminders.
  • Document management – upload certificates and other proof of compliance for future reference.

Credential Management Service

Having the peace of mind that your organization is in compliance has never been easier. Let Xeneros be your compliance and licensing department. Our staff closely monitors state rules and regulations. Ensuring that you remain in good standing is our primary objective. In addition to working with adjusters for certification, we also can perform renewals (where allowed), upload documents, and perform other administrative functions related to the licensing renewal process.