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Xeneros™ provides software products and services which will alter the course of your work day. We know this because it altered the course of our work days. Xeneros was born out of corporate needs that could not be met by existing tools or solutions, but were required nonetheless. Those tools and solutions had to be built... from scratch.

Xeneros was founded in 2010, in part, by realizing that if one organization needed these tools, other organizations do too. This simple premise combined with an aggressive, 'high-touch' customer service focus makes Xeneros a unique organization.

Management Team

Karla Elliott
Karla is President, Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder of Xeneros. Her background as a successful attorney and corporate executive uniquely position her to provide the vision and strategic management her position demands. Before founding Xeneros, Karla was the Chief Operating Officer of a nationwide firm in the insurance industry. Under her successful guidance, this firm consistently enjoyed year-over-year revenue growth for five straight years while maintaining a steady profit margin. Her career also includes practicing employment law in Washington, D.C. and Indianapolis as well as being general counsel for several multi-million dollar firms.

Judy Roach
Judy is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Xeneros. Judy is Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience in the insurance industry and corporate operations. Prior to Xeneros, Judy held a variety of positions within the financial services industry.

Sarah Bevins
Sarah is the Director of Compliance Management for Xeneros and is responsible for insuring that all of our clients, whether they are an individual or an organization of hundreds of people, are compliant with their licenses and certifications. Sarah has a deep background in the insurance industry and claims management. Prior to Xeneros, Sarah worked in adjuster and claims management for a nationwide firm.