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Credential Management

As nimble and powerful as our tracking software is, our greatest resource is our management and support staff tailoring the software to your unique needs. We understand that running a business or a department requires juggling multiple responsibilities on a daily basis. Let us take some of those responsibilities and make them ours. Spending time keeping track of legislative and regulatory changes which could impact your employees’ ability to do their jobs is our core business – in turn it allows you to focus on yours.

Xeneros Will Be Your Licensing Department
Xeneros has professionals on staff with extensive experience managing licensing and certification for organizations. We know how to keep your staff licensed and keep your organization in compliance with the rules, regulations, and laws. Coupled with our Credential Tracking solution, we can provide your organization a truly compelling license management solution.

Xeneros Will Manage the Rules
One of the most difficult parts of occupational compliance is keeping up with all the laws and rules for each type of license or certification. Xeneros adds value by taking on this burden (and removing it from you) so that you know that all your compliance rules are up-to-date and accurate.

     "Did you know that insurance adjusters require licenses in 34 states? Do you know which ones? Are all your adjusters licensed AND are they current on all the educational requirements?"