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Credential Tracking

Xeneros Credential Tracking provides a unique solution to managing your organization’s professional licenses and certifications. Further, we know that there is more to effectively managing this information than capturing an expiration date in a spreadsheet. Xeneros Credential Tracking was built to provide the tools to let you take charge of your occupational compliance needs.

Xeneros Will Manage the Rules
One of the most difficult parts of occupational compliance is keeping up with all the laws and rules for each type of license or certification. Xeneros adds value by taking on this burden (and removing it from you) so that you know that all your compliance rules are up-to-date and accurate.

Manage Compliance Across Many Domains
Xeneros Credential Tracking allows an organization to track licenses and certification across many domains at once. A domain is the term we use for the type of license or certification, for example:

  • Adjusters
  • Agents/Producers
  • Attorneys
  • Business Entity Registration
  • Nurses

Xeneros Credential Tracking Provides Timely Information
Our solution notifies individuals when they have to take action at intervals you can set, whether it be 3 days or 30. Further, we allow credential holders to place reminders on their calendaring application (Outlook, LotusNotes, etc.). In addition, all the reports in Xeneros Credential Tracking can be set to run automatically and sent to you via email, at whatever schedule you choose.

Manage Your Entire Organization
Credential Tracking allows you to manage your entire organization, including outside firms, and contract employees. Rules that apply to regular employees can be applied to contract employees (or firms) thereby assuring that you stay in compliance because you know they are in compliance.

     "Did you know that there are 59 state boards responsible for Nursing Licenses? Did you know California has two? Are all your nurses licensed AND are they current on all the educational requirements?"