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Evaluation & Assessment

Part of what we beleive makes Xeneros unique is the time and effort we put in to getting to know you and your needs. We can help you determine which of our tools or solutions best meets your needs and how it would best fit into your organization.

Talk to Our Experts
The first step in our evaluation is listening. We take the time to listen to your current situation, your needs, and where you want to go. It may be that you have an existing system you are unhappy with. It may be that you do not have any system at all and you need one. It may be you do not know if you need one or not. Only after we have listened to you, can we begin the evalution process to determine which tool or solution best works for you.

Expert Analysis
After we have listened, we evaluate, we analyze, we formulate. We will give you an unbiased evalution of your needs and how best to meet those needs. It could be that a simple Credential Tracking implementation is right your company or it could be that customized Credential Management solution would make the most sense to serve your multi-national organization.

Our evaluations are created to provide you the most comprehensive assessment of where we understand you to be, where you want to go, and how best we can help you. The structure of assessments have the following format:

  • Situational Analysis
    • Current State
    • Desired Future State
  • Solution
    • Description
    • Assumptions
  • Schedule
  • Cost